Compacted Concrete Pavement (CCP) The Next Generation of Pavements - WM Winkler
Wm. Winkler Co and the Next Generation of Pavements. Compacted Concrete Pavement (CCP)
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Compacted Concrete Pavement (CCP) The Next Generation of Pavements

Compacted Concrete Pavement (CCP) The Next Generation of Pavements

Next Generation of Pavements

Compacted Concrete Pavement (CCP)

Burbank-Second Avenue (Walla Walla County)

June 2017

Wm Winkler Company constructed the next generation of rigid pavement known as Compacted Concrete Pavement (CCP) at the Port of Walla Walla-Burbank Industrial Site for Walla Walla County, Washington.

This is the first CCP project constructed in the northwest United States.

CCP utilizes similar technology to Roller Compacted Pavements (RCC) with additional additives and finishing processes to enhance the durability and ride-ability of the pavement. The mix includes ACEiT Plus Additive to stabilize the moisture, reduce the viscosity and inhibit the hydration process until it is mechanically activated. During finishing ACEiT Blue Finishing Agent is topically applied and power troweled to increase surface durability and abrasion resistance while reducing permeability. The product increases freeze thaw durability while allowing traditional finishing techniques that are indistinguishable from conventional concrete.
The placement achieved exceptional density and strength with 97% compaction immediately behind the paver and 5000 psi strength in the first 24 hours. The product was manufactured on-site with a portable batch plant and placed with a high density paver.

The 5,000 Square yard Second Avenue accommodates heavy truck access to the Port of Walla Walla in Burbank, WA.

This new generation will provide pavements that will withstand freeze thaw cycles, avoid the pot-holes that plague communities throughout the region while offering cost competitive initial construction costs. Life cycles for the CCP will extend beyond 40 years with minimal maintenance.

For more information contact Pete Reed at 509-489-6100